Who we Are

Assoimprese, the Italian Industrial Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, aims to be the growth benchmark for the hundreds of thousands entrepreneurs that represent the most important Italian Economy System sectors.

The Organization supports and drives the associates into the daily company trends until the local development and the international expansion. The members associated to Assoimprese are the same entrepreneurs, multinational groups, corporations and cooperatives that together build the economic structure of Italy. They represent the central activities of the national Industries, a model of progress and success acknowledged by the main ruling countries worldwide. The Assoimprese associates represent about 600.000 SME.


Among the main association principles it’s established the wardship of the Small and Medium Enterprises endorsing cooperation with the institutions, former part of the national Economic System, through the dialogue with Governmental authorities, the Ministries, the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate and other entities, the daily working activity power, as the Tax and Labor authorities.


Assoimprese provides for a full support service to the associated entrepreneurs, endowing them with the means necessary to encourage the development of their activities, confirming sustainability for the competitiveness growth and expansion progress in the global market.

The communication and information processes are the most important instruments offered to the associates, guided by the survey activities with the aid of editorial tools, conferences, training courses and other information vehicles that make the companies conscious of the entrepreneurial issues and aware of the opportunities that the local and global markets offer every day.


The daily Communication and Information Disclosure, through the processing, the data and source acquisition are promptly shared with the member companies for:

– New Amendments, Laws and Enterprise Regulations;

– Subsidized loans, Regional, Governmental and European incentives;

– Credit, Banking and Financial Instruments;

– Innovation and Survey;

– Internationalization processes;

– Certifications and Training.


Thanks to the strategic partnerships signed with many entities over the years, Assoimprese offers extensive opportunities for overall Services and framework Agreements that can be accessed through the intervention and specific advice of the professionalism of its Study Center and different operational units, allowing members to be able to find a quick and clear answer to their demand.





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Energy and Sustainable Development


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Fashion Industry

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Particularly focusing on the internationalization process matters, Assoimprese promotes the competitiveness of companies with high technological value and brings with it new development opportunities, both for traditional sectors and for new areas.

Assoimprese believes that overcoming to the internationalization gist, seen just as goods and services exchange, enables all members to establish strategically a global system of wide-ranging relationships. The daily mission sees the aim to enhance the relations with the major international political and economic institutions to keep working into the “doing business”, concretely leading and contributing to develop the “Sistema Italia“. Assoimprese, being extremely pragmatic in these thematics, structured to accomplish all missions and all complex activities in which is called to operate, founded a conspicuous number of quarters extended constantly in Macro Areas as United States of America, United Kingdom, North Africa, Georgia (Caucasus), Middle East, Far East and China.









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